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Mono Drivers


Drivers for older machines (Up to W7 32 & 64bit)

d-Copia 15/20
d-Copia 16MF/200MF/250MF
d-Copia 1800MF/2200MF
d-Copia 18MF
d-Copia 25/35/40
d-Copia 2500/3000
d-Copia 2500MF/3000MF
d-Copia 283MF/284MF
d-Copia 300/400/500
d-Copia 3001MF
d-Copia 300MF/400MF/500MF
d-Copia 403MF/404MF
d-Copia 4200MF/5200MF
d-Copia 45/55
d-Copia 600/800
d-Copia 6200/8200
d-Copia 63

PG L230/L235/L245
PG L2028/L2028 Special
PG L2035/L2040/L2045
PG L2130/L2135

d-Color P216/P220
d-Color P221/P221 Special/P226
d-Color P2021/P2026

d-Color MF2603/2604

Key Features:

  • PS (KPDL) Driver
  • PCL Driver
  • Multilanguage
  • Universal Driver

How to Buy:

This product is not currently available to buy online. To purchase this product contact your nearest Olivetti reseller.

Mono Drivers
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